Tuesday, August 15, 2017

ごめん: Week 39 in Japan

Sorry no time.

We went to a couple festivals one was on a riverbank and the other one was in the courtyard of a castle Yay for fireworks! Our investigators our doing great, I got free Indo curry, we went to the temple for the last time before it closes until 2020 and Conference and I had an overall wild time with my good friend Elder Yang in Hachioji, he's from Taiwan and is one of my favorite human beings.

Wouldn't trade it for anything else!





Sunday, August 6, 2017

Lomo Saltaldo: Week 38 in Japan

Sorry lots to do, the hems on my favorite pair of gray pants are busted, and we've got some lessons today and a festival to go to so I won't be writing much.

We've been teaching a lot and it's be awesome! We met with our gangster friend last night at his apartment and he invited his whole family to join in, he's got a really young family and his kids are so funny. We're so stoked to work with them!

We ate at this place called Rico Mar in the Spanish lands this past week. Sorry that I don't have any photos but it's been forever since I've had lomo soltaldo and it was sooOOOoooOoO good.

I've gotta finish up a training for a conference tomorrow so this is about it, sorry. But love you guys!

Elder Cuff

I don't have any photos but here's a video from my good friend Elder Magaña


Monday, July 31, 2017

Order E Progresso: Week 37 in Japan

This past week we had transfers happen and we've been blessed to live with some crazy Brazilian named Elder Siqueira. He actually served in this area a while back and built a lot of the area. He's on his last transfer before he goes back home to Brazil so he's really excited about returning. I love people from South America. He's teaching me how to play the guitar. Turns out there was a guitar in the Kofu church this entire time, who knew?!

Elder Farnsworth and I have decided that we need to start keeping track of the weather, because we've had to make long bike rides in heavy rain on 3 different occasions this week and got absolutely soaked. It was fun, but I'm still waiting on one of my suits to dry so we decided we didn't want to do this anymore. 

The sister's investigator, Judy, got baptized! She's from Taiwan and is super awesome! We're so excited for her and the baptismal service went really well. She's an absolute ball of energy and has a solid testimony. 

There's a section here in Kofu that is know to missionaries as The Spanish Lands and it's on the other side of town so it's always a fun bike ride there. It was actually found by Elder Siqueira last summer in an area called Joei where a lot of Brazilians live. Then Elder Farnsworth and I decided to go past Joei to a place called Higashi-Hanawa where we found more Brazilians and a bunch of Peruvians. Well this past week we decided to frontier the areas on the base of the mountains past Higashi, and we've found more South Americans! Yay Spanish! Except every time we go down there, Elder Farnsworth and I have weird dreams those nights that are in a mixture of English, Japanese, and Spanish.

Pero la obra avanza. Solo estoy agradecido por este oportunidad de ser un misionero!

Te llamo!

Elder Cuff

Monday, July 24, 2017

Hot Rod! Week 36 in Japan

Wowie that was a quick week. For starters transfer calls came in! Me and my amazing Mexican companion Elder Farnsworth are staying together for one more! (Although He's from an American family, he was born in Mexico and still has citizenship so we just call him Mexican.) We were hoping for this because things have been going well in the area and neither of us wanted to leave at all.

We met with our man Kazuki for lunch today, he was kind of late but had the most amazing entrance any of our investigators have ever had. He came in on his screaming Harley and when he saw us he just casually pulled up onto the sidewalk and parked it. We then enjoyed a nice lunch and talked about Rock Music, Cars, Bikes, and Faith. He wants to start a business so he can make more money in order to buy a 1972 Chevelle so we might work with him on the church's self reliance

Dog Days with Kazuki

Japan's roads aren't necessarily the safest (by any means) and I had one of the most unfortunate crashes. Nothing got damaged, in fact I casually stepped over my handlebars because my front wheel fell into a slot on the road and piked my bike straight into the air. As funny as it was we had to get going so I had to pull my bike out of the road like Excalibur and we kept moving.

The bike in the stone!

We had an amazing opportunity to find some more people this week, including a Peruvian family! The kids prefer Japanese, but they all speak Spanish, which the parents prefer. I don't know if I've brought this up before, but for some reason everyone on the south side of Kofu knows Eldon, and he posts videos of us on Facebook sometimes, so now we're low key become famous there. Every time we meet someone within the ages of 18-30 they know us because of Eldon. So because of him we've had a lot of success with finding since apparently he's friends with everyone.

This week was jam packed with tons of other wild stuff but I'm gonna stop here... sorry.

Keep on keepin’ on!
Elder Cuff

Monday, July 17, 2017

Step Up: Week 35 in Japan

Alrighty, so to start things off, our homie Eldon is getting baptized this August! He's such an incredibly prepared guy who's really been
finding a lot of joy out this Gospel. It's been such an incredible blessing being able to teach him. Also he's gonna teach me how to do some hip hop style dancing so I'm pretty pumped about that!

We had a member this past week who took us to his family shrine. He's a bit older but the rest of his family is Buddhist and he still holds
on to a lot of Buddhist values like being kind and working hard, but not much of the belief. It was a really cool moment though while he shared some stories about his ancestors at he shrine.

There's a place here I might have mentioned in a previous email called Bonchi. It's very well known here in Yamanashi Prefecture because it's cheap, and have ridiculously big portions. Like bigger than a mass majority of American restaurants. So being the the smart people that
we are, we decided to take our mission president and his wife there for dinner after we had interviews. 'Twas a good time had by all.

We met a guy this week who had tats all over (tattoos aren't common in Japan) owns a clothing shop in downtown Kofu, and is part of biker gang. Loves American teenage hardcore rocker rebel culture. Bought us some drinks and is meeting with us for lunch on Wednesday at a brand new Soba shop. Loves what we do as missionaries and wants to talk about rock music with me more. Apparently he really likes Frank Zappa and Rage Against the Machine.

That's one of the cool things about being a missionary, even though people might not necessarily interested in religion, most of the time they respect what we do. Not all the time, but hey, different strokes for different folks. But it's such an amazing opportunity to be able to bring this light to the people of Japan. They're a wonderful people and I'm still so incredibly stoked to be here.

Elder Cuff